“Most financial questions don’t have one right answer – just an answer that’s right for you.”

– Sallie Krawcheck

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The basis for any sound financial decision should be a financial plan. A well-executed plan will consider a client’s assets, liabilities, goals, objectives and tolerances for risk. This document need not be overwhelmingly complex, but should serve as the starting point in any clients’ financial life. Of course, the document should be fluid, as all of our lives change and evolve over time.

Modular Financial Planning

While we believe in the value of a comprehensive plan, sometimes that is more than is required. If a client is saving for college costs or retirement, they may be focused on the variables and expectations of those items only. By framing up expectations, we can help you understand what clients should be thinking about and how best to achieve their goals.

Investment Advisory Services

Once a client has framed up their financial lives, the next step is to implement the plan. Only at this point can sound investment decisions be made. We believe in diversification in virtually all cases. We also believe that markets are unlikely to be “beat” over the long haul. Our goal is minimize investment expenses and keep up with market returns in an efficient manner. Once the plan is executed it should, of course, be monitored and reviewed to make certain the chosen investments match the plan put in place.

Portfolio Review

Clients often aren’t sure what exactly they own. The most common problem we see when reviewing portfolios is the client is taking on significantly more risk than they realized, or they are taking on so little risk that their return expectations are unrealistic. Marrying up the client’s appetite for risk with their investment holdings is the key to successful client portfolios.

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