Happy March! I hope all of you in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region have been able to enjoy the recent sneak peek of spring weather.

As you know from our engagement letters, we have an internal deadline of March 15, 2024 to receive client tax documents. If client documents are received after that date, we reserve the option to put those returns on extension. Of course, we will make every effort to complete returns by the April 15 deadline but we can not guarantee that result.

Since March 15, 2024 is on a Friday this year, we will extend this internal deadline through until Monday March 18 to receive tax documents. 

Please understand that the tax filing period and the requirements that the IRS and state agencies place on both taxpayers and preparers has compressed SIGNIFICANTLY over the past 5-10 years. This is why our internal due date policy has changed and is articulated in our client engagement letters.

Thank you and we look forward to assisting you soon.