Our philosophy at Woods Financial Services LLC is clients are entitled to professional, competent and responsive tax, accounting and financial planning services.

Who We Are

Our philosophy is to deliver professional, competent and responsive tax, accounting and financial planning.


Our mission is to simplify our clients’ financial lives.


The tax, accounting and financial planning needs of the client are the primary focus for every engagement.  Our goal is to make a personal connection with every client so that we can better understand those needs and deliver the appropriate level of service.


Tax legislation and regulation becomes more complicated every year.  This is true not only of IRS returns, but state and local filings as well.  Our staff actively seeks out professional education to keep abreast of any tax law changes while expanding our knowledge in other areas that can benefit our client’s needs.  Brian maintains his CPA and CFP ® designations, and Emily is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor.  These designations evidence the commitment Woods Financial Services, LLC has to delivering competent advice to our clients.


Professional advice and service is only valuable if it is delivered in a timely manner.  Our goal is to respond to client needs as quickly as possible so that clients can make more relevant, impactful decisions.  We believe that tax filings should not be a harried process, and we work hard to keep work flow consistent throughout our busy times.  If a client asks us to provide tax, accounting or financial planning, we believe they have a right to expect that service to be done on a specific timetable.