As you’ve no doubt heard, the 2017 data breach from Equifax resulted in nearly 150 million American’s data being compromised.  This breach of data leaves the affected at risk of identity theft.  Recently courts have agreed to settlement for those affected.  I’m not sure the settlement is sufficient but it is what it is.  Basically affected individuals are entitled to 4 years of credit monitoring at the 3 major credit bureaus or cash up to $125 if you already paid for monitoring services.  If, however, you spent significant time remedying a breach or identity theft, you are entitled to an hourly reimbursement up to $25/hour.

What do you need to do?

(I received this step by step guideline from a client that had received it so I am presenting it here in the interest of passing along the knowledge)

1.      Logon to

2.      At the bottom of the page: FIND OUT IF YOUR INFORMATION WAS IMPACTED and enter the relevant information.

3.      If you were impacted: FILE A CLAIM TODAY

4.      Fill in the claim form and click on NEXT to Proceed to section 1.

5.      If you don’t have credit monitoring already choose the option for 4 free years of credit monitoring.   If you paid for credit monitoring select the  cash reimbursement option.  Also choose cash payment if you were a victim of Identity Theft.  Finally choose Free Identity Restoration Services if you were victimized.

6.      Click NEXT to Proceed to section 2.

7.      If you placed Credit Freezes, requested and reviewed your credit reports, or spent time on some other activity recovering from or preventing identity theft enter the form information and any supporting documents.

8.      Click NEXT to Proceed to section 3.

9.      Report if you lost or spent money as a result of Fraud or Identity theft resulting from the breach. You will need to attach supporting documentation to your claim.

10.     Choose a check or pre-paid card option.

I hope this helps.  At a minimum this should let you know if you were subjected to the data breach (assuming you don’t already know).