“If you don’t understand the details of your business, you are going to fail.”

— Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder

Tax Planning

Businesses have many avenues by which to reduce their tax burden, but they require careful planning & documentation. Whether you are selling a business, opening a new one or expanding your current business, the decisions you make will have a profound impact on your tax burden.

The key to proper tax planning is time, or more specifically, timing. Too often, a client will come to us after a transaction has occurred and wonder what options they have to minimize taxes. By proactively discussing tax implications, we are better able to advise, helping you to expand or maintain your business. Ultimately, our goal in a tax planning engagement is to make certain that you have all of the relevant variables at your disposal so you can make informed, tax-efficient decisions.

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Tax Preparation & Compliance

Tax preparation and compliance regulations continually evolve into an overwhelming set of requirements that often seem counter-intuitive or illogical. Unfortunately, it is the system we have, and we all have to file returns. Many businesses must also prepare 1099s and Personal Property Returns (PPR). Our objective at Woods Financial Services, LLC is to simplify filings so business owners can be confident they are meeting their federal, state and local obligations, keeping their business in good standing, and paying only what they are legally required.

Whether partnership or corporate filings, we aim to reduce the headache of tax preparation for business owners so they can focus on the day-to-day of their business operations. Our goal is to make the filing process as streamlined as possible for our business clients.

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