COVID-19 Resources for Individuals & Small Businesses


    1. CARES Act Summary: An overview of the $2 trillion stimulus package passed by the House and Senate and set to be signed into law.
    2. Status Tracker for Economic Impact Payment:
    3. Guidance from the IRS Regarding Stimulus Payments Sent to Deceased Individuals:
    4. Operational Toolkit for Businesses Reopening During COVID-19:
    5. Paycheck Protection Program FAQ for Small Businesses:–Fact-Sheet.pdf



    1. H.R. 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Overview of Employer Paid Leave Requirements and Tax Credit Provisions
    2. SBA Small Business Guidance & Resources: The SBA encourages small businesses to play their part to keep the community safe and healthy, while maintaining their own economic viability.
    3. Temporary Suspension of Federal Student Loan Payments:
    4. Filing & Payment Deadlines:
    5. Employer Credit for Paid Family & Medical Leave: Internal Revenue Code Section 45S provides a tax credit for employers who provide paid family and medical leave to their employees.



    1. Baltimore County COVID-19 Small Business Relief Grants Program: Grants will be available for qualifying Baltimore County small businesses and artists starting May 11th, 2020, on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2. Maryland State Art Council’s Emergency Grant Program:

State Unemployment


    1. Maryland’s Unemployment Insurance Initial Claim System:



    1. Maryland Freezes Pending Residential Foreclosure and Eviction Cases
    2. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Instructs Servicers to Offer 12-Month Moratoriums on  Mortgage Payments



    1. Maryland Health Connection Emergency Enrollment Period for Uninsured Residents
    2. Maryland Continuation Selection Form: If you find that you need to lay off employees, Carefirst offers an option for Maryland Continuation Administration. Maryland Continuation is similar to Cobra but is for workers of companies that have less than 20 employees. By using the administration services that Carefirst offers for Continuation, you wouldn’t have to worry with complying with the complex rules or with handling the billing of any former employees who want to maintain their health insurance. The Carefirst Service is offered at a low monthly fee (minimum $35), and they take responsibility both for correctly administering the Continuation and for billing the employees separately.